Wednesday, March 30

Letters on a wedding day, via The Letter Writing Revolution

Recently I began reading fellow Canadian letter writer Julie Keon’s blog, The Letter Writing Revolution: and have enjoyed every single post. {Keep ’em coming, JK.}

Today’s is one I am compelled to share. I wish I had done this on our wedding day.

(Oh, wait, our letters would have sunk along with all the rest of our earthly possessions in our ship container’s 1998 brush with Hurricane Mitch even if I had done this; let me know if you’re interested in the details!)


{Thanks to Julie for giving me permission to share this post.}


P.S. Inspired by the letter writing blogs of several fellow snail mailers out there in cyber-space, I will be making some changes to my own writing routines. I’ll share a few each week. Change #1: Post updates more regularly! J

This blog is new, created specifically for letter-related news and views. I look forward to posting something here each Monday night (or Tuesday morning), in honour of my weekly (mostly) cyber-silent day: a day I set aside for quiet reflection, solitude, silence and yes, letter writing.

Wednesday, March 23

I'm a winner!

CP at 365 letters has (randomly) declared me a winner: hooray! See below:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tulip Notecards Winner!

The winner of the Tulip Notecards Giveaway, posted yesterday, is "EMP," aka Elaine Mary Phillips.

When the random number picker chose her number, I decided to click on her links to see what EMP was all about. The first thing I saw was her profile statement on Blogger. I was immediately intrigued. Here's what she says in the profile:

Since I was 7, I knew I’d be a letter-writer-poet when I grew up. Once I ventured out on my own (after hap’ly co-authoring and publishing a book of letters in 2007), I set up a baker’s dozen blogs as a discipline to record my thoughts and type up all the random bits ’n’ pieces composed in coffee shops and on silent retreat days.
EMP has a lovely website, and you can read more about her book, The Hippo and the Unicorn: A Rainbow of Words there. Browse around; she has some interesting stories!

Congratulations to EMP for winning the cards!

CQ: 7-step intro

Welcome to Correspondence Quarter—home of EMP’s “quarterly” correspondence.

1. Pick up a pen (or quill or other writing implement of choice);
2. Put on the kettle (or prepare your favourite beverage);
3. Set a timer for 15 minutes (more or less, depending on your desire to write, the structure of your day, and the number of kids or tasks clamouring for your attention);
4. Pull up a chair and get comfortable;
5. Write for a quarter of an hour without stopping (if possible);
6. Address envelope and add stamp (this can be a 7-step process in itself; see letter writing links re: mail art!);
7. Pop letter in outgoing mail, sit back, and sigh with contentment.

QED: 15 minutes well spent, eh?