Friday, April 1

April photo-card giveaway: my very first!

Inspired by the cheery giveaways of several bloggers, I have decided to give away a “corresponding” gift each month. April’s giveaway is an “A is for Africa” photo-card—one card per winning entry.

How to enter:
1. Leave a comment telling me when last you (hand)wrote a letter or sent a card, and to whom.

2. Choose your favourite “A” photo below and if you win, that’ll be the one you receive in the mail. Choices are: A0 (hippo), A1 (baobab tree), A2 (sunset), A3 (lightning), A4 (Zulu weaver) or A5 (wheelbarrow); see photos below.

3. E-mail me your postal address at 
elaine mary phillips 71 at gmail dot com
and I’ll let the winner know by May 1st (or sooner).

Also see my newly updated photo-story blog, A is for Africa:

AO hippo roadsign

A1 baobab tree, colour

A1 baobab tree, b&w

A1 baobab tree, sepia

A2 Sabie sunset

A3 lightning over city Johannesburg

A4 Zulu weaver

A5 wheelbarrow worker


Julie said...

Hello! I love the baobab tree in sepia!
I wrote to my friend, Joan, today and I have about five others to write.

Keep posting!

EMP said...

Thanks, Birthday Girl. You keep, posting, too; your blog is inspiring and I've already shared your letter ideas with a couple getting married and another birthday buddy. I loved your recent post.

(I did, in fact, ask a few folk to write to me for my 40th b'day so that I could have some letters to read on my "island" but none of them took me up on it. How nice to meet someone like you! I've discovered so many other letter lovers out there since I began blogging; what fun.)

Two more sleeps...

Erin {pughs' news} said...

The last handwritten letter I wrote? I can't remember! I sent a stack this week, not sure which was the last one... They went to my friends Gracie and Megan in Australia, Micaela in Texas, my baby nephew Joe in Ireland {his first birthday is coming up!}, a card for my friend Cassie in England, one to my best friend Em in France, and a birthday card to a new friend in the "Love and Envelopes Birthday Club." Soon, I'll find the time to write to you, too, Miss E! I got your book in the mail today and it's lovely. Thank you! Unfortunately, the envelope had come open, so if there was a letter inside, I didn't get it :( {knowing you, I've a feeling there would have been a letter inside...} I'm saving the book to read later this week when I'm on the couch, recovering from my surgery.

If I win, I'd love the colour print of the tree. You've got my mailing address, right?

Am off to bed now. It's been a very happy, very busy birthday, and I'm beat!

Thanks again for your sweet words and for the book!
love from EP in BC

EMP said...

Erin P,
So glad the book arrived on your birthday--I couldn't have orchestrated that better m'self. :) Yes, it was meant to be read during your recovery--and if it ain't your cuppa (very) sweet tea, do pass it along, or recycle, or donate it to your library. I'm serious!

I'll resend the lost letter: it was merely a "getting to know you" intro note. Take your time RSVPing; you have your hands full, sweetE.

EP in AB

Wanda said...

Hello. I would love the "A1 baobab tree, b&w". The last handwritten note I wrote was 2 days ago to a dear friend Helen. She was my mentor as a new student nurse 19 years ago and we have kept in touch and sent letters to each other since.

EMP said...

Hi, Wanda. How did you find this blog? Nice to see you here. Good to hear about your note to Helen. I'll keep you posted!


chandlerguera said...

My last handwritten postcard was to Mary, who complimented the handmade postcard I featured on my blog! This was about five minutes ago.

I like the hippo sign the best.
Speaking of Africa, just watched "Invictus" this afternoon -- great movie.

EMP said...

Hello there, chandlerguera. Thanks for posting. I'll check out your blog; how did you find mine?

I enjoyed "Invictus" immensely, especially since I was still living in South Africa in '95. (We moved to Canada in '98.)


EMP said...

You've won a photo(card) of the hippo road sign. Please send me an e-mail or your postal address; your Web site does not seem to have a "write to" option.