Tuesday, April 26

Ode to the typewriter

RIP typewriters:

This morning RP mentioned that “the last company on earth to produce the typewriter—Godrej and Boyce—has shut down its production plant in Mumbai, India, according to reports that, fittingly, are making the rounds via the Internet”

Later in the day, The Pear Tree’s Lori-Anne Poirier posted the following blog entry:

http://thepeartree.ca/2011/04/old-font/ (be sure to check out her adorable typewriter baby pics from a few years back).

Today I’m thankful for technology (yes, you read that right).

I am currently reading/editing several research papers written by my college students, and I am relieved for their sakes and mine that we can make changes and corrections instantaneously, without having to retype a whole page and/or use correction fluid. J

Techno Babe,
signing out with a smile

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