Tuesday, April 26

Tuesday treats (in between work)

Easter has come and gone. To those who celebrate: Happy Easter! As this year’s “Emph Attic” Easter Epistle, I finally sent out my Very Late Christmas Letter (which was far too long, even by my own word-loving standards, but I had great fun writing it). Let me know if you’d like a copy.

I realised anew this past week, amidst the busy-ness and bustle, how soothing and serene my hours of (hand)writing are. I come to this quiet place—this place where I pick up my pen and write to readers—with great joy.

(Sigh of contentment.)

With only one more week of school left (and more than a dozen research papers to read, edit and grade), my heart is already lighter. Let me hasten to add that I love my job as a college instructor of English/History, but it goes without saying that the in between times are rich for different reasons!  

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