Tuesday, May 3

3BT: Pyjama day; chatting to my folks; afternoon rain

1.      Today I worked from home sweet home: bliss. No need to leave to escape the noise (and fumes) of renos in the basement; no need to tiptoe around, not wishing to disturb convalescing patient downstairs (not that I’m noisy). In fact, I quietly stayed in my pyjamas ALL day!

2.      Mid-morning I called my parents in South Africa and we chatted for ages. It’s been too long (I write more often than I phone). During my conversation with my mom, RP came home bearing groceries (oh, sweet spouse!) and I packed them away while talking on the phone. I managed to drop half a dozen eggs—and break three—while continuing to enjoy a coherent conversation. Then I took a photo. And I cleaned up! With one hand! (I can still hear the sound of my mom’s laughter at her clumsy older daughter.)


3.      Rain. Always a Beautiful Thing in dry Alberta.
[cloud reflection in puddle]

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