Friday, May 6

3BT: (Thurs) Tea with LC, King’s Fold (Day 1), unexpected loft photo

1.                          On Thursday RP and I met at Tea…and Other Things to say hi and bye to our student (and meet her family from Colorado). Aleta is planning on drinking her way through the selection of available teas before her graduation in a couple of years. J

2.                          After tea, my sweet-sixteen spouse drove me out to King’s Fold to spend a night relaxing in the peace of one of our favourite places.

3.                          When I went upstairs to read in the sunny loft, I immediately noticed a photo on the wall of a bunch of grapes…taken by RP in a Franschhoek vineyard! (I had donated the photo years earlier and it had since made its way into room 2, where we slept on Thursday.)

4.                          Bonus: Meeting Jamie at the supper table who knew our neighbours (and my colleague’s family); meeting Tim at the supper table, just home from Haiti, who knew a friend of ours from Three Hills. “It’s a small, small world.”

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