Sunday, May 15

Sunday seren(dip)ity

[Cochrane railway]

On this eve of late sunshine and pre-summer stillness—and the sound of a train rumbling through Cochrane—with the view of a snowless evergreen to my right [see photos] and piles of paper toppling over on the shelves and floor behind me (I share office space with my accountant hubby who has just survived his twentieth tax season), I sit before my screen and write this very long intro to a very short blog post.

[window view]

All is well. My recent many-day headache (possibly exacerbated by barometric pressure changes) has lifted and “I can see clearly now the pain has gone.”

Tonight I hope to capture some of the corresponding thoughts (!) that were whirling free in my foggy brain this past week.

Also please see next post for a tag change, from 3BT (“three beautiful things”) to …?

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