Monday, May 2

3BT: late morning; sunny day to vote; tea…and other things

1.      Sleeping late; waking up in our home knowing our company (nine weeks worth) had left.

2.      Driving around in the warm spring sunshine—a balmy 18 ºC!—on our way to vote at a local school. (Living in a free country’s also a Beautiful Thing.)

3.      Meeting at Tea…and Other Things with sweet-Aleet, who will be leaving us on Thursday. Fresh cinnamon scones, fresh from the oven. Blueberry and mango pie. Tea: Yorkshire Gold.


Erin {pughs' news} said...

These are all beautiful things! I am especially taken with the idea of freshly baked cinnamon scones with tea... I'd like to join you!

EMP said...

And you'd be more than welcome, EP. :) Thanks for sharing your own BTs each week; I do so enjoy your and Em's blogs.